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The Story

The Story

To begin your photo shoot all we need is you. Babe Rouge supplies you with everything you need; clothes, props, shoes and a professional photographer to capture every moment.

 To begin your journey with Babe Rouge, simply select "THE LOOKS" and pick the outfits you would like to be photographed in.  Choose your package under Bread & Butter, complete the QUESTIONNAIRE under Contact and email to us.  You are then on your way to creating a memory for yourself or that special someone.

Please "Like" or facebook page.  you can find the  F  button at the bottom of our home page.  To return to the home page just press the icon of the little pink house.  Many other looks and sample photo shoots are on the Babe Rouge facebook page and we would love to get your feedback!  Please visit often!


There once was a time when images of women were filled with secrets and mystery, intrigue and enticement. A sideways glance, the trailing smoke of a slender cigarette, a whisper of danger on cherry red lips. Babe Rouge takes us back to the days of gun molls, garters, and peek-a-boo poses with her stunning collection of vintage-inspired imagery. Our timeless images range from smoldering seduction to coquettish playfulness.


Intimate photos are a perfect gift for a wedding, anniversary, birthday or other special occasion. They are also a terrific way to remember major events such as milestone birthdays, reaching weight loss and physical fitness goals, new relationships, pregnancy and post pregnancy (when you are at your most voluptuous). And best of all, they make you feel beautiful

Because Babe Rouge wants to make this experience available to every woman, we have been extremely careful with keeping our prices affordable. The Babe Rouge experience provides you with an entire look "borrowed" from our vast array of outfits, accessories, backdrops and props that we stage for you. We guide you through your poses and facial expressions and work to hilight your best features in a picture taking experience you can be empowered by and proud of.


You're gonna love the way you look. We Promise.

Babe Rouge


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