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I just have to tell you how much I enjoyed the Babe Rouge experience! It is really indescribable how fun it was to choose from so many fabulous clothes, hats, shoes and props - the closet that I will never have! You were able to capture the essence of the "girl" in me and truly bring out my best. I can’t tell you how much I will love the photos for years to come!

Babe Rouge is the ultimate experience for us women--allowing women to be free to love themselves. I will do everything I can to spread the word about your amazing "eye" for this type of photography. You ladies are seriously onto something here!

Best of luck in the future of Babe Rouge. The website is amazing!
Hey my Lovlies!!!
He adored the pictures!! He already has them framed and in a photo album!  You two are amazing! Thank you so much!

OMG !  love love love them!  Thanks so much Babe Rouge!

Just wanted to say thanks for such a great time!  I had alot of fun and think I actually want to do it again!  You were really fun-the kind of girls I want to have as friends!  you made me feel like one of your buddies-which really helped me relax and I appreciated that.  Everytime I look at the photos I am a little more pleased than the last.  I am so proud of them!!!!!  Thanks again

That was awesome!!! Love, love, loved it!  Very empowering and has given me some personal inspiration for my next pics in a few months. What a picture perfect way to monitor my progress getting fit:-) You were all so much fun while remaining perfectly professional. I just can’t say enough! 


Celeste, thank you for helping Lara give me the greatest gift ever. The pictures were incredible and Lara looked so beautiful. I was blown away. Lara raved about how great you were in the process. Thank you for these pictures and for making my wife feel amazing in the process.




I just wanted to reach out to thank you for including me in the start of BabeRouge. I am feeling very empowered and proud after going through with the pix. We talked about women and how hyper critical we can be when looking at ourselves. I know that I see issues that others would not and I am siked that I am able enjoy the whole experience anyway. I love the overall look and trust your aesthetic/ vision. I am very grateful and looking forward to another time in front of the camera. I hope I can really get the full benefit of your service!

I wish nothing but success for you ladies. You have a great idea and are well on your way. You both have a great eye for capturing mood and the moment. The entire concept is so woman powered and woman's really amazing and something more women need to experience. Beyond all of that, you are both extremely professional and personable...I felt more comfortable than not in situations that I have never been in. Rob and I will def try to send some ladies your way.

Thanks Again,





Babe Rouge was the Ultimate Experience!!! Thank you so much for the wonderful day, profound artistry and exceptional photography! You and Marcy are the perfect team!

Many Thanks,

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