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Tips & Tricks

We work with all body types, so don't worry if you don't have a centerfold body -- we've got our ways of hiding those areas that you want hidden!  We understand the daily challenges we all face with regards to loving one part of our body more than another.



Prepare for your appointment to ensure complete satisfaction!

On the day of your appointment please arrive with dry, day-old hair. Freshly washed hair tends to be slippery and does not curl or hold a style very well. In addition, please drink plenty of water several days prior to your shoot. It is amazing how this simple task adds a vitality and glow to the skin, essential to achieve the fresh faced pinup look! Also remember to avoid alcohol 48 hours in advance to avoid dry skin and under eye circles. Plenty of rest the night before is important as well as stretching to practice up for our tried and true pin up poses! Finally, please have a small snack prior to shooting. Modeling is really tough work and you will need your strength!

Please bring your own mascara, foundation and powder if possible. If you did not choose us to do your hair and makeup please have applied makeup and groomed your hair before hand. Examples of touch ups would be adding accessories to hair, rouge to cheeks and reapplying lips.

Please bring own underwear such as a nude, white or black thong because all outfits must be worn with undergarments for sanitation reasons. Also a good pair of boy shorts works with several outfits.
If open toed shoes are to be worn, please make sure your toes are manicured . The same should be applied to fingernails.

Babe Rouge has a vast array of shoes. While we do have more than one size available, some sizes may be limited so if you have a favorite pair of shoes please bring them along. We can clarify this with you at your consultation. If you would like to be photographed in a particular outfit or a favorite item such a wigs, hats, jewelry, or shoes, feel free to bring with you and we will accessorize accordingly.

Please bring valid picture ID with you on the day of your consultation. You must be 18 or older to have a appointment with us.



All appointments are secured with a non-refundable 50% deposit upon your first consultation appointment. so please once again check your schedule in advance before proposing a date for your session.
We do accept checks, visa, mastercard or cash to pay for deposit upon consultation appointment and the difference upon day of picture taking.

New Looks are always being added so please visit again.

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